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Moscow Region, Russia
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Closed Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Center “ASPECT” was established in June 1991 on the basis of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). Now ASPECT leads Russia in development and production of up-to-date professional spectrometric, radiometric and radiation-monitoring equipment. The scientific and designing departments of ASPECT are staffed with highly skilled personnel broadly experienced in nuclear instrument making.

The ASPECT specialists work in close contact with the scientists of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research drawing them into development of the equipment. With a lot of physics facilities at the Institute and high skills of the personnel, there are unique conditions for testing and thorough adjustment of new equipment at the development stage. Cooperation is established with other Russia’s leading scientific centres as well.

On the basis of SPC ASPECT Scientific and Production Association Atom (SPA Atom) is established.

SPA Atom was founded by JINR and SPC ASPECT with the aim to ensure a closer cooperation between scientific and production departments of the two organizations in the area of development and production of new equipment.

The instruments enjoy wide use in radiological and ecological laboratories, at factories and in research organizations of the Ministry of Atomic Industry, Ministry of Defense, State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation, other ministries and agencies both in Russia and abroad.

The high technical level of the developed equipment is confirmed by the 2000 Science and Technology Prize of the Russian Federation Government.


All products are certified and enrolled in the RF State Register of Measuring Devices. Major products have international certificates. The most important designs are patented.


  • Multichannel pulse-height analyzers;
  • Electronic modules for pulse-height and time analysis of nuclear radiation;
  • Stationary and portable nuclear radiation spectrometers;
  • Radiation-control and radiometric equipment;
  • Radiation monitors;
  • Instruments for control and accounting of nuclear materials;


Production departments that fulfill our orders are equipped with high-precision equipment, which allows top-quality production of the most sophisticated items from multilayer printed circuit boards and mechanical components to unique materials for scintillation and neutron detectors. Mechanical production is carried out at SPA Atom.

Ensuring high reliability of our products, we place a particular emphasis on tests and quality control. To confirm this is the right to calibrate the manufactured measuring devices granted to our metrological department by the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standards.


There is a special department in ASPECT to provide warranty and post-warranty service for all instruments. Its personnel has long practical experience in putting into operation and maintaining sophisticated equipment. A special technical training program is elaborated to train customer representatives in operating instruments and using software.


Aspect is known to be a reliable supplier of sophisticated equipment. For customers’ convenience there are representations set up in different regions of Russia that are engaged in selling, installing, and maintaining our equipment.