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The software for spectrometric systems developed by LLC "LSRM", supports operations with all analyzers produced by JSC "SPC "ASPECT".

Basic SOFTWARE of the SpectraLine 1.6 package solves general problems of spectrometric analysis for various types of spectrometers (scintillation and semiconductor) and different types of radiation (alpha-beta-gamma):

  • SpectraLineGP (GammaPrecision) - precision processing of gamma spectra, identification of radionuclides, activity calculation;

  • SpectraLineADA (Alpha Decay Analysis) - processing of alpha-spectra;

  • SpectraLineBG (Beta Gamma)-gamma - beta spectrometric analysis;

  • SpectraLineHandy - measurement of gamma-sources using portable spectrometers: identification, calculation of activity of open sources and sources in protective containers;

  • SpectraLineUltimate - solution of all problems of gamma-beta spectrometric analysis;

  • SpectraLine - control of the analyzer, processing of linear spectra.

SpectraLine 1.6 package can be extended by additional options, including:

Some software products solve specific problems using specialized spectrometric systems:

  • LSR SPORO Stereo - certification of radioactive waste, measurement of complex objects according to measurement scenarios, calculation of activity taking into account the uneven distribution of gamma-emitting radionuclides;

  • Heraclitus - continuous radiation monitoring, including monitoring of liquid media.

Spectrometric analysis options can be extended with the following programs:

  • Nuclide Master - getting radioactive decay parameters and creating custom libraries;

  • Nuclide Master Plus - calculation of registration efficiency and corrections for cascade summation, obtaining parameters of radioactive decay;

  • EffMaker - calculation of registration efficiency and modeling of gamma-spectra for various measurement geometries by the Monte Carlo method;

  • GammaLab - virtual gamma laboratory (experiment simulation).

All SOFTWARE can be used in Windows 7, 8, 10 environments.

The measurements are performed in accordance with the certified measurement procedures:

“The measurement procedure for randomly distributed activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides in casks using a gamma-spectrometric system with SpectraLine software”;

“Radionuclides activity in the counting samples. The method of measurement by gamma-spectrometers using SpectraLine software”;

“Radionuclides activity in the counting samples. The method of measurement by beta-spectrometers using SpectraLine software”;

“Procedure of measuring the activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides in containers with wastes, using a gamma-spectrometric system with software "LSRM" - SpectraLine and EffMaker”.

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