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Stationary systems for detection of fissile and radioactive materials Yantar are designed for detecting radioactive and nuclear materials during continuous automatic monitoring of vehicles, trains, pedestrains, and luggage at various checkpoints, nuclear power plants and nuclear cycle facilities.

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  • Customs check points;
  • Nuclear power plants;
  • Nuclear material mining and processing facilities;
  • Military nuclear plants and storage;
  • Customs warehouses;
  • Metallurgical and wasteprocessing plants;
  • Banks and offices.
The basic set consists of

  • Pillars with detectors and electronic units;
  • Control panel (an IBM PC can be used instead).

A video monitoring system, network devices, additional alarm devices, traffic lights, and drop bars are optional.

  • Operation — continuous, automatic;
  • Uninterrupted operation after disconnection of 220 V power supply — no less than 10 hours;
  • Service life — 12 years;
  • Bus with interface RS-485;
  • Protocol - MODBUS.
  • Light and audible alarm indication;
  • Automatic adaptation to the varying natural background;
  • Archival storage of the alarm event data: date, time, detector count rate, type of channel (gamma or neutron);
  • Gamma detector: based on organic plastic scintillators;
  • Neutron detector: based on proportional 3He counters / ZnS(Ag):6LiF;
  • Operating temperature: from - 50 to + 50°C;
  • Compliance with EMC requirements for nuclear instruments;
  • Lightning protection of power and signal lines;
  • Possible remote access
  • Program access to detector parameters, self-diagnostics;
  • Developed self-diagnostics system.

The system Yantar is developed on the order of the Russian Federation State Customs Committee and enrolled in the State Register of Measuring Devices. It is awarded the following certificates and is covered with the following patents:

  • Certificate of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology;
  • Hygiene certificate issued by the Federal Service on Protection of Consumer Rights and Welfare;
  • Certificate of approval of a type of measuring instruments issued by the Ukraine State;
  • Certificate of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA);
  • Certificate of the IAEA, Interpol, and International Customs Organization;
  • All major solutions are patented

Yantar systems have passed tests with real nuclear materials at the test centers in

  • Snezhinsk (Russia);
  • LANL (USA);
  • PNNL (USA).

More than 7500 systems "Yantar" of different modifications have been manufactured and delivered to the customers.

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