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radioactive waste inventory system SKG-02
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active-well coincidence counter SNS-02A

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Fast, reliable, analysis of solid and liquid radioactive waste (RAW) located in barrels of 200 dm3

SKG - 02. Increase of image


  • Control of (RAW) at its generation and processing facilities
  • RAW control at storage facilities
  • The quality control and inventory monitoring of the production at nuclear processing facilities


  • Parallel recording of gamma-spectra at three levels along the height of the barrel
  • Automatic rotation of the barrel around its axis during the measurement
  • Use of attenuation filters during measurement of high-level waste
  • Determination of the composition of gamma-emitting radionuclides and their specific activity
  • Automatic classification of RAW into categories according to specific activity
  • Control of gamma radiation dose rate
  • Storing of measurement results and spectra in the data base with possible authorized access through the local network
  • Generation of a report on measurement results in accordance with the operator's request
  • Two optional designs: with a built-in computer and with possible connection of a remote computer


  • Three spectrometric collimated gamma channels on the basis of the NaJ (TI) crystal
  • Gamma dose rate sensor
  • Industrial computer
  • Software
  • Weighing device
  • Controllable rotating platform


Energy resolution for the 661.66 keV (137 Cs) gamma line for each spectrometric
channel, %

Ranges of measurements of specific activity without
attenuation filters (P=0.95), Bq/kg
Cesium – 137
Cobalt – 60
(25– 6 x 106)
(20– 1,5 x 106)
Limits for the tolerable relative error in activity measurement (Р = 0.95), %
Range of measured gamma radiation dose rates, μSv/h
(0,1– 1 x 105)
Limits for the tolerable relative error of the gamma radiation dose rate, %
Range and error of measured barrel weight with RAW, kg
(10– 500)±1
Rotation velocity of the platform, rotation/min
Device power supply, V
Operating temperature, ° С
5 ÷ 40
Overall dimensions, mm
700 x 1200 x 1525
Weight, kg

The approval certificate of radioactive waste inventory devices SKG-02 № 16310 of 24.11.2003, enrolled in the State Register of Measuring Devices under № 25923-03

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