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Radiation Monitors and Systems
Dosimetry and radiometry
Nuclear radiation detectors
PC-based MCA
Modular nuclear electronics
Nuclear radiation spectrometers
Inspection systems
Shielding screens
Dedicated equipment

scintillation gamma spectrometer Gamma-1S
portable scintillation gamma spectrometer Gamma-1S/NB1
semiconductor gamma spectrometer Gamma-1P
scintillation beta spectrometers Beta-1S, Beta-1S-150
scintillation gamma-beta spectrometer Gamma-Beta-1S
semiconductor alpha spectrometer SEA-13P
radiometer-spectrometer for water radiation control RSKV-01
hand-held radiation monitor MKC-A03

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The Scientific Production Centre ASPECT is among leaders in development and production of modern professional spectrometric equipment. Its spectrometers are made from up-to-date electronic components and are designed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples for presence of gamma-, beta-, and alpha-emitting radionuclides.

Instruments manufactured by Aspect are widely used:
  • at laboratories of external dosimetry services, environmental services of various ministries and departments for radiation monitoring of the environment;
  • at radiological laboratories of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection, veterinary and agricultural services for checking foodstuffs, building materials, animal feed, and soils for presence of radionuclides;
  • at radiochemical laboratories for controlling production processes;
  • at nuclear-physics centers for research in various fields of fundamental and applied physics;
  • at customs offices for examination of legally transported radioactive and fissionable materials (RFM) with the known isotope composition or detection of illegally transported RFM with an unknown isotope composition.

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